#JulySciFi | Thunder Gods | 6. + Postlude

Today I post the final chapter and postlude of Thunder Gods, my original story inspired by Quintessential Doll’s song of the same name.


by Clio Em

Read the entire story: prelude | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5


I made the choice. I made the wrong choice. I am a coward.

I told Solara everything. Her face flickered through a series of emotions: fear, anger, determination. Finally, she gave me a hug, a pat on the back, and thanked me profusely. She kissed me deeply. This closed the deal. Solara is my type; Samantha is not. It had just been too damn long and I had not been thinking. I pushed my burning conscience to the back of my mind. Solara made some notes and sent them up to Gareth in the lab.

We packed up the camp within a quarter of an hour and sealed ourselves into the shuttle. We thundered up into the sky just as Samantha, carrying a large pack, walked into the clearing. I could hear her wail of agony, even through the shuttle’s windshield.

I still hope to hear the whisper of your voice roar in the wind, Samantha. May your colony prosper.


You foolish Thunder God.

You thought I had hacked mere computer files. But I had hacked into a person’s mind.

Your predecessor was just as attracted to my charms as you were. I seduced her, too, back when I was Rowan. Brought her to my room, just as I had brought you. She was curious and had never slept with a tri before, either. I found out much during those sessions, as did she. Tris are pretty rare in the universe, I’m told.

Everything I know about the universe, I learned from her and Solara. Oh yes, Solara fell for me once, too. The me-as-Rowan. For a brief moment, then she recollected herself quickly. Only she tries not to remember.

When she and your predecessor argued about what to do with us colonists, Solara fired her and sent her packing back to Earth. Thora left. But first she provided me with communications equipment, maps of the region, and other useful data.

It would have been easier had you taken me along, Trent. We could have worked together from Fall Station to solve this mess you’ve created without anyone getting hurt. But you just had to take the coward’s way out.

Now I will craft a distress call. I will send it out into the furthest reaches of the universe, as per Thora’s instructions. I will tell all the inhabited planets of your abuses of us, how you kept us prisoner in barbarically primitive conditions. No choice. Forced units. Forced procreation. No birth control. No freedom. The imposition of a despotic religion. And I am not entirely convinced that the corporation behind this colony is operating according to the Interplanetary Charter. I will include your names and personnel files. I got my hands on those. None of you were particularly careful. Did you actually think I wouldn’t take steps to protect myself?

I could have been yours, Trent. I was about to give up my entire plan because I fell for you. The other colonists were well and truly in the dark. We could have made this colony our own, enlightened everyone in a gentle and peaceful way. Begun interstellar travel on a voluntary basis. And you could have been there right along with me, watching the colony prosper. But now all you will ever have of me is the whisper of my voice, roaring and raging in the wind as it travels through space and reaches every corner of human civilization.

But despite my rage, I know I will miss you, Trent.

I know I will miss you.

Story and photo Copyright © 2015 Clio Em.

Song © 2015 Quintessential Doll.

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