#JulySciFi | Thunder Gods: 3.

Today I post the third chapter of Thunder Gods, my original story inspired by Quintessential Doll’s song of the same name.


First, read the prelude, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.


“You were gone so long, Trent!” Solara accuses when I slink back into our camp. Thank goodness we left Gareth on the station; I could not face his accusatory sharp face now. I wonder if my predecessor ever felt the way I do at present. I need to quit the project. I need to quit it now.

“What did er… Rowan… Samantha tell you?” Solara inquires, looking at me intently.

“I need to quit the project,” I announce hastily.


“She knows, Solara. She knows about the station. She knows everything. Got her hands on our files. She wants to be assigned to Fall Station.” By now I am laughing madly.

“She knows about the station? If she knows…”

“The others know,” I finish for her. “Or maybe they don’t know. Samantha seemed to think letting her companions keep their faith was the only fair thing to do.”

“Madness, Trent. They all know by now.” She kicks a rock with sudden, inspired rage. “Years of work! Their entire lifetimes! Study after study. All gone because someone wasn’t careful!”

“You taught them too much.”

“We taught them too little!” Solara is now sobbing. “I taught them just enough to see through our veneer, to look further. To take the opportunity to find out more when it presented itself. And Rowan… Samantha… they… she… she was always the smartest one. She was always asking questions. I answered too many.”

“They’re human, just like us,” I reply. “Sure, they’re bioengineered and don’t have direct parents, but they are completely capable of as much abstract thinking as we are. It was only a matter of time.”
“Their intelligence is why they will be able to colonize this world and build its new society!”

“What if they don’t want to?”

What if none of them will want to? How could we have presumed to play their gods? What have we done?

CHAPTER 4 to follow.

Story and photo Copyright © 2015 Clio Em.

Song © 2015 Quintessential Doll.

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