Gravity Wing

“Green has always been my favourite colour.
This shade reminds me of the conifer trees
In the valleys, here in the New Rockies
When viewed through falling snow.”

From the science fiction novel Gravity Wing, coming early 2017.

Gravity Wing is a science fiction love story told through a novel and musical cycle.


Isabel is offered an artistic residency on the planet of New Canada, but beginning again on a new world proves difficult. Unexpectedly invited to a lavish society event by the taciturn Serge, she is swept off her feet under an unfamiliar sky. As Isabel and Serge dance in a sci-fi minuet around their feelings, they face the full force of the young planet’s rigid social expectations.


I have always wanted to write science fiction. Growing up on a steady stream of Star Trek, Star Wars, and all the scifi novels I could find, I dreamed of robots and droids and galaxy clusters. But I also devoured Jane Austen’s classics and played piano while picturing Regency dances. For Gravity Wing’s soundtrack I combine my classical sound with other streams and genres, finally bringing together my love for words and my passion for music.

I performed the “songwriting edition” (above) of the cycle in several Canadian and European cities throughout 2015. The authentic expression of this version encapsulates the visceral creative energy that allowed me to weave this work.

In January 2016, short films by Canadian visual artist Hali Rey, created specifically for my project, were premiered at the 2high Festival in Brisbane, Australia, as I performed my compositions live.

In 2017 I release the novel and final album with new instrumentation, through performances across Canada and internationally.

I blogged about my February Album Writing Month experience for Resonance Cafe in Montreal. You can read the article here.

I care if you listen called my songs “intelligent and inspired,” and Ride the Tempo characterized me as “ridiculously talented.”

Read my interview about Gravity Wing with music journalist Mark Anthony Brennan on Ride the Tempo here.

In early 2017 I ran a successful Indiegogo campaign for the Canadian tour.

A complementary set of soundscapes entitled New Canada Engines builds up progressively on sampled jet engines, and follows a prequel tale: the founding of the spaceship engine company on the world of New Canada.

Gravity Wing encapsulates my creative spirit. I hope it captures your imagination too.


Story, concept, music, text, performance: Clio Em
Video art: Hali Rey

Guest artists:
dea.nice: folk violin, the Mountain Sessions
Gerda Fritzsche: viola, Serge’s Song, 2015 Songwriting Edition
Tristan Capacchione: recording + production for “Serge’s Song and “Orca Smile” at the Banff Session | Gravity Wing Songs
Thanks to the following wonderful classical musicians for accompanying me at various concerts: Denise Nittel, Marie-Claire Saindon, Gerda Fritzsche, Anne Wieben, Miriam Adefris, Mercy Lamola
Georg Aufreiter: cover photo

Music, texts, performances and recordings Copyright © 2015-2017 Clio Montrey (as Clio Em). All Rights Reserved.
Films Copyright © 2016 Halina Montrey (as Hali Rey). All Rights Reserved.

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