Clio Em is a composer, mezzo-soprano, multi-instrumentalist, and writer. She is an alumna of McGill University (BMuscomposition and piano), the Vienna Conservatory (MA composition and diploma in classical operetta), and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (postgraduate studies in composition working with voice and electroacoustic elements under the tutelage of Karlheinz Essl). Clio has received numerous awards for her creative work, including four competitive artist grants from the Austrian Ministry of Arts and Culture, as well as the Alice and Betty Schultz Scholarship from The Banff Centre. The contemporary classical concert series she founded and directs, Fleurs rejetées, is a contemporary take on the Salon des refusés. Clio writes creative pieces and performs genre-defying stories and compositions that blur the borders between folk, classical, electronica, and science fiction. Her latest project, Gravity Wing, weaves a unique scifi narrative through a novel and soundtrack
Clio extends her artistic practice through improvisatory photography.

She also works as Clio  Montrey for her more classical-tending creations.

Read her science fiction and other stories at clio-em.com.


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