C H A M B E R   O P E R A| by Green/Em/van Genderen/Rey

SLEEP is a science-fiction chamber opera that tells the story of two women – an Organic (human woman) and a Mech (her technological copy) – who look exactly alike. They are stuck in a testing centre dormitory and regard each other during a sleepless night. Each woman sings about how she will defeat the other – the triumph of one will mean the death of her twin|opponent. Sometimes their vocal lines join; sometimes they diverge. Their perspectives mirror each other but have subtle, significant differences.

The team for this production is comprised of composer Anthony R. Green, librettist/writer/Mech Clio Em, stage director Dorike van Genderen, and visual artist Hali Rey. Renowned soprano Lenneke Ruiten sings the role of the Organic.

C O N C E P T   A R T 

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A prototype version of SLEEP was selected for workshopping in March 2019 through a competitive process for composer/librettist teams. This workshop was produced by Chants Libres, an independent opera company in Montréal, Canada. The Works in Progress performances took place on March 16 and 17 at Gesù in Quartier des spectacles, Montréal.