Creative Work


SELECTED PROJECTS – click on each title to find out more. 

[ L A C E ]   four meditations on a steampunk world of musical mechanics. I perform all the compositions myself using various means – guitarlele plucked and bowed, keys and synths, electronic alterations to physical space-time.

[ A I R S H I P S ]  the Airships tales and soundscapes speak of love in a world of industry. Awarded a scholarship for a residency at the Banff Centre (2017). Premiered in Vienna (2019).

[ G R A V I T Y   W I N G ]  a science fiction love story told through a novel and soundtrack, illustrated through paintings and films by Hali Rey. Isabel and Serge dance in a sci-fi minuet on the planet of New Canada.

[ s o l v e i g ]  Based on a song from Grieg’s Peer Gynt, this chamber work was composed for Reconsil + Ambitus, with myself on vocals and electronics. The electroacoustic underpinning consists of the sound of running analog film projectors, sampled and transformed, until they sing melodies of ice. Awarded a composition grant from the Austrian Government (Federal Chancellery of Austria).

[ m o n o d r a m a   o f   t h e   m e c h a n i c a l   d o l l ]    an eight-movement theatre piece for cello and actress, as part of a set of pieces for which I was awarded a grant from the Austrian Government. For this, I wrote my first ever sci-fi libretto and then composed the music using a number of melodic and extended instrumental techniques.

[ S L E E P ]  libretto and concept for a chamber opera for two soloists. Music by Anthony R. Green. My libretto is based on my 2015 short story of the same name. One of six winning projects in the Oper’Actuel program from Montréal independent opera company Chants Libres. The workshop premiere took place in March 2019 at Montréal’s Quartier des Spectacles. We are currently developing the staged premiere of SLEEP. Hali Rey (visuals) and Dorike van Genderen (director) are attached to the project.

[ p h o t o   s o c r a t e s ]   chamber opera for four soloists, a stage manager-turned-intervention role, string quartet, and toy piano. Libretto by poet Klara du Plessis. Part of a set of projects that were awarded a grant from the Austrian Government. Premiered in October 2012 in Vienna, Austria.



[ p a t r e o n ]   Sci-fi and steampunk stories, songs, and soundscapes, exclusively for subscribers, and a platform for my online-only livestream microconcerts.

[ b a n d c a m p ]   Digital releases of my indie music.

[ s o u n d c l o u d ]   My experimental aesthetic combining operatic, classical concert, folk, and electronic impulses. I also have a second soundcloud with past works that followed a more traditionally “contemporary classical” approach.

[ v i m e o ]   Artistic musical films made in collaboration with visual artist Hali Rey.

[ t w i t t er ]   usually tweets focused on music, outreach, science…

[ f b ]  Focus on events and musical news.

[ i n s t a ]   Artist life, informally documented.

[ v s c o ]   Improvisatory photography. Mostly mobile but also Canon and analog.



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