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[ L A C E ]   four meditations on a steampunk world of musical mechanics. I perform all the compositions myself using various means – guitarlele plucked and bowed, keys and synths, electronic alterations to physical space-time.

[ A I R S H I P S ]  the Airships tales and soundscapes speak of love in a world of industry. Awarded a scholarship for a residency at the Banff Centre (2017). Premiered in Vienna (2019).

[ G R A V I T Y   W I N G ]  a science fiction love story told through a novel and soundtrack, illustrated through paintings and films by Hali Rey. Isabel and Serge dance in a sci-fi minuet on the planet of New Canada.

[ s o l v e i g ]  Based on a song from Grieg’s Peer Gynt, this chamber work was composed for Reconsil + Ambitus, with myself on vocals and electronics. The electroacoustic underpinning consists of the sound of running analog film projectors, sampled and transformed, until they sing melodies of ice. Awarded a composition grant from the Austrian Government.

[ m o n o d r a m a   o f   t h e   m e c h a n i c a l   d o l l ]    an eight-movement theatre piece for cello and actress, as part of a set of pieces for which I was awarded a grant from the Austrian Government. For this, I wrote my first ever sci-fi libretto and then composed the music using a number of melodic and extended instrumental techniques.

online presence

[ s o u n d c l o u d ]   My experimental aesthetic combining operatic, classical concert, folk, and electronic impulses. I also have a second soundcloud with past works that followed a more traditionally “contemporary classical” approach.

[ b a n d c a m p ]   Digital releases of my music.

[ v i m e o ]   Artistic musical films made in collaboration with visual artist Hali Rey.

[ t w i t t er ]   usually tweets focused on music, outreach, science…

[ f b ]  Focus on events and musical news.

[ i n s t a ]   Artist life, informally documented.

[ v s c o ]   Improvisatory photography. Mostly mobile but also Canon and analog.

reviews and features

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