#JulySciFi | Thunder Gods: 5.

Today I post the fifth chapter of Thunder Gods, my original story inspired by Quintessential Doll’s song of the same name.


by Clio Em

Catch up: prelude | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4


We spend days together, entire days. Solara disapproves but I cut off her protests by pointing out that if I do not play this role and humour Samantha, the entire colony structure, thousands of units, could be compromised. News cannot spread. I need to gain her trust. Solara grudgingly agrees. And so Samantha teaches me how to hunt and I bag my first squirrel. Rowan comes along one day, shyly, and shows me to fish. Rowan is beginning to suspect I am as human as they are, but Samantha says that they are chosen somehow, that their unit is special, blessed by the Thunder Gods. She keeps the game up with them. It seems she was the only one with access to the files.

One day Samantha takes me to the house where she lives with Rowan and Garston. A gesture of trust: other Thunder Gods do not typically enter the abodes of colonists. It is a fantastically well appointed dwelling: we made it so, or at least, Solara and her team at the time did. Self-sufficient in terms of energy and heating. A rooftop garden. Hydroponics with robotic assistants. Even emergency rations that could last years in case of emergency.

She takes me to her room.

There is no preamble. One moment we are staring awkwardly at each other, the next moment she demands to know whether I, as a Thunder God, am as Garston is. All her clothes are off. I have never been with a tri before, so the experience is bound to be a curious one. We are quick, then slow, then furious. We stay in her room all day. Garston and Rowan have gone off somewhere, probably to give Samantha some privacy. They must suspect what is going on, but they probably consider her chosen by the gods to bear their children, or other such nonsense. It makes me want to weep.

Pillow talk is a nightmare. I begin drifting off to sleep, but she roughly shakes my shoulder.

“Solara and Gareth always tell us the colony will grow and prosper.”

“That it should,” I reply. “You have all the necessary tools and knowledge to further develop agriculture and your established town. Since your unit is assigned to this woodland, you will be the custodians of this ecosystem, maintain hunting and gathering knowledge, and be the ambassadors of self-sufficiency.”

“But what if we do not want the colony to grow?”

“Who… who says that?”

“I do. Garston and Rowan, they are not attracted to each other any longer. They could biologically have the first child together. I would not need to assist, if only they wanted to do their duty. But despite their faith, they are not doing what we just did. They do not wish it.”

“That’s… too bad,” I manage.

“I do not wish to assist them, either.”

I don’t know how to answer that. It seems Samantha is not even remotely attracted to her other unit members. She could carry a child as mother if she partnered with Garston. She could likewise impregnate Rowan. She, as tri, is the most flexible of the three. But the unit could go on without her, if necessary. If she were to leave with me, this little spot of wilderness would still have its custodians, well into the future. I think briefly about the costs of bioengineering small replicas of the current adult colonists. Much beyond prohibitive: this has to happen naturally now.

“I saw how you look at Solara,” she says. “It is how I look at you. I’ve seen you look that way at me, too. You must make a choice.” Oh, that I definitely do need to do.

I believe I’ll make the choice now.

“Come with me, Samantha,” I breathe. Still high on a tidal wave of hormones, I promise her the stars.

CHAPTER 6 and POSTLUDE to follow.

Story and photo Copyright © 2015 Clio Em.

Song © 2015 Quintessential Doll.

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