#JulySciFi | Thunder Gods: Prelude

My first post for #JulySciFi is the prelude to my story Thunder Gods. Expect all the chapters to follow over the first week of this month. The tale was inspired by the song of the same title by Quintessential Doll, on which I was featured as performer:


A story by Clio Em


I heard her whisper, her roar of frustration and rage, carried on the tempest I had created.

The social structure in this plane of existence, or planet, as those down below call it, falls into certain predetermined patterns. There are the Thunder Gods, such as myself. Of course, we never refer to each other using such lofty terms. We live on a station that floats in the sky, a mostly unseen chariot that confuses and attracts those who would gladly catch a glimpse.

Down below, our charges. The colonists. We formed them. We created them. But they are all too aware of us. They tell stories. They get many facts wrong, facts that have been in large part fed to them by us, by the magical appearances we have made. But at least one of them has determined our essence correctly.

I am a Thunder God. But I am not immune to emotion.

CHAPTER 1 to follow.

Story and photo Copyright © 2015 Clio Em.

Song © 2015 Quintessential Doll.

7 thoughts on “#JulySciFi | Thunder Gods: Prelude

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