#JulySciFi | Thunder Gods: 4.

Today I post the fourth chapter of Thunder Gods, my original story inspired by Quintessential Doll’s song of the same name.


Catch up:
prelude | Chapter 1 |
Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


Samantha finds me within my tent the next morning. I start violently, then remember that the disregard of privacy falls within local social conventions. Of course, they would not normally go bother a sleeping Thunder God. But she has determined that I am, in fact, as human as herself. She shakes me and wordlessly gestures for me to get dressed, which I do.

We walk out under the sunrise far away from my camp and she tells me what her plan is.

“You’ll fly me up in that shuttle of yours. After I hacked you, I figured out that it’s not just Earth and this planet. There are other planets, aren’t there? And you seem to have intersystem travel. Our information is hopelessly outdated. You told us we could never go to another system. But we can. I can, if I come with you. We will leave Solara.”

“I can’t leave her here, Samantha. There’s only room for two in the shuttle.”

“Exactly.” Her eyes have slitted. Suddenly, on impulse, she kisses me. I break away, horrified. She looks at me askance. “You don’t do that? Kiss? We colonists do.”

“No, we do. It’s just… well, you have your unit.”

“I love Rowan and Garston, but not like that. For you, I feel something else.” Lust. For the first time in her life, this two-decades-old human is feeling lust. I feel it too, but acting on it would be taking advantage.

CHAPTER 5 to follow.

Story and photo Copyright © 2015 Clio Em.

Song © 2015 Quintessential Doll.

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