Clio Em (Canada), librettist

I am delighted about the upcoming workshop premiere of SLEEP (libretto mine, music by Anthony R. Green). This is my first opera premiere where I am the librettist, and though I’ve written many songs, cycles, and works where I also did the text, this is the first time that someone else has taken over musical duty.

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How did you start your collaboration on this Opera project (Sleep) with composer Anthony R. Green?
In 2015 I decided to write a short story about a robot and human locked in tragic conflict, and called it SLEEP* I first read it for an audience at Résonance Reading Series in Montréal on October 6 of that year, and it was very well received. I had always planned to do something more with it as I felt the story was strong and discussed themes relevant to current events. When I discussed the story with Anthony, he liked it and expressed interest in setting it to music. I’ve collaborated with Anthony before as a singer and composer through my Fleurs rejetées project. We had a wonderful time, so I was excited to work with him in a new format.

*You can read the original here.

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