Notes from New Canada

I began my Indiegogo campaign for Gravity Wing ( nine days ago, and it’s been a really inspiring time. I’ve been trending on Indiegogo Writing for days, something that makes my heart soar.
When backing my campaign, three people already requested “Tales from New Canada.” This involves a $125 donation to my campaign. As a perk, I write a new scifi story dedicated to the donor that helps build the repertoire of tales about New Canada, the planet I invented.
Amazing fellow artist Quintessential Doll has just backed one of these tales. Last night this lovely human from Canada who I’d never met also backed a story. I now have three Tales from New Canada backers. That’s the seed of a new flash fiction series, and I couldn’t be more excited.
But it isn’t only the story donations that matter. Seventeen of you have contributed so far, not to mention everyone else who sent either $ or support, or shared, or liked.
Thank you for being so galactically awesome, Terran friends. I look forward to sharing the book and album with you, and hopefully I’ll get to write all 15 extra stories.
Clio, over and out, from New Canada.

C R E D I T S 

Project (story, concept, music, text, performances): Clio Em

Video art + illustrations: Hali Rey

Guest artist: dea.nice (folk violin, the Mountain Sessions)

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