Serge’s Song

“The first notes drift in as if from a dream, slow, tentative. The next notes dance. The following notes weep. Serge manages to play a melody that strikes me to my core. He is tremendously, infinitely musical.”

clio em – SERGE’S SONG (film: hali rey) from Clio Em on Vimeo.

From the album and novel GRAVITY WING by Clio Em –>
A baroque viola tune interpreted on folk violin, with electronic sci-fi facets. Serge plays a beloved song for Isabel that tells a story of tragedy and love. In Serge’s Song, two machines move in a mechanical minuet.

FILM Hali Rey
FOLK VIOLIN dea.nice

Music, production, and recording Copyright © 2015-2016 Clio Montrey (as Clio Em). All Rights Reserved.
Film Copyright © 2016 Halina Montrey (as Hali Rey). All Rights Reserved.

Serge’s Song premiered on Canadian indie music blog Ride the Tempo on December 1, and was part of the continuously running animation as I performed at the 2high Festival in Brisbane, Australia in January 2016.

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