Spuk in der Kaserne

On September 29, my piece “Spuk in der Kaserne” on a text by Greiffenhagen was premiered at MuTh within the framework of a memorial concert entitled “Komm mit nach Terezin” produced by EntArteOpera, which aimed to depict life in the Terezin concentration camp through cabaret and operetta, much as the residents used to do in what was a disturbing Potemkin village situation in the camp.

What an amazing honour to have composed such a significant piece. I was actually approached afterwards by two Terezin survivors, which absolutely floored me. I am so grateful for the trust put in me to write on this subject. Thanks especially to Wolfgang Dosch, who commissioned the composition from me, soprano Christina Maria Fercher, pianist Harumichi Fujiwara, the entire Kons Wien operetta ensemble, the wonderful people of EntArteOpera, and dear friends that attended.

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