Gravity Wing | Review

“Clio quickly created an intimate and friendly atmosphere, inviting us to enter into a world of science fiction: not only is the music otherworldly, but the storyline is also based on a work-in-progress science-fi novel by the artist.”

“At first, one may find that these are only simple folk songs, but pay attention. The songs are very well written and not just because they’re catchy. Comprising a well-balanced pot-pourri of multiple inspirations, they are as easy to listen to as they are intelligent and inspired.”

“In conclusion, if you want to listen to serialism and post-war music, don’t look to her. But if you’re curious about what type of music a child of the 21st-century can create, follow her, step by step.

Maurice Du Berger, writing for I care if you listen (.com), in a review about Gravity Wing at Résonance Café on July 28, 2015.

Full review here. Photo: Georg Aufreiter.

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