Letter to Maestro Harnoncourt

To N. Harnoncourt:

I had the honour of singing in chorus for the Bach Matthäuspassion you conducted in the spring of 2014 at the Vienna Musikverein.

You won’t ever know this but I almost left that project in the early rehearsal phase. Being taken seriously as a singer when you started late is difficult, and my armour was cracking.

The day you got to rehearsal, I knew I needed to see this through. Even though there were so many of us onstage, you made each one of us feel like a critical part of this massive, masterful whole. We were needed, we delivered. It sounded beyond belief beautiful. The music made me very nearly weep on stage. Anyone who can do that has is a true Maestro. I ended up befriending someone on that project who is very dear to me. And, basically, that Matthäuspassion will forever stand as one of the defining experiences of my life.

Thanks for keeping me singing, then, now, and for as long as I live.

I’d say rest in peace, but I’m sure you’re up there conducting the angels in a concert already. So instead, I’ll wish you beautiful concerts, for all eternity.

Note: the world learned today that Nikolaus Harnoncourt had passed away after a long illness.
I originally posted this piece on my Instagram and Medium.com.


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