Fleurs rejetées

Rejected flowers tell the most interesting tales.

I’m starting a new classical concert series this fall called Fleurs rejetées. The concept is to perform all manner of rejected music. For the launch concert, I will be singing a number of new music pieces by emerging contemporary composers, each of which has been rejected in some situation (call for scores, competition, application or other) yet is nevertheless an outstanding musical work. For example, some of these pieces went on to win awards.

Further concerts may include works with themes of rejection, or works for “rejected instruments.” More details to be announced soon, including the names of some very fantastic musical collaborators.

The aim of this series is to bring classical and new classical music to wider audiences while taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to the challenges of being a professional musician in the 21st century.
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I’ve been floored with the tremendously enthusiastic response I’ve received in the past couple of days since I announced this so the first few concerts are already fully or nearly fully programmed. I very much appreciate your support.

Concert series and photo by Clio Montrey (Clio Em)

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