halo over mont royal

I was fortunate enough to see this sun halo today over the angel monument on Mont-Royal, Montreal, and even more fortunate to get a picture of it. It was like a rainbow had formed around the sun in a perfect circle. These halos are caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere refracting light.

I was lucky enough to get not only the angel but also a flying bird in the frame (look closely, top left). In the bottom left, you can spot the cross on the top of the mountain if you look really closely. I’m very science-based, so I’m going to choose to admire the atmospheric phenomenon.

As I was capturing this, a bus pulled up. So I stepped onto the wrong bus, realized this too late, and had to walk back to this stop and wait 30 minutes for my next one.

But it was worth it.

So worth it.
Image © 2015 clio em

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