Serge’s Song

“The first notes drift in as if from a dream, slow, tentative. The next notes dance. The following notes weep. Serge manages to play a melody that strikes me to my core. He is tremendously, infinitely musical.”

– Excerpt from the novel on which my album, GRAVITY WING is based.

I wrote Serge’s song throughout the album writing process. It was an idea that drifted in and out. This melody is an important motive in the story behind the music.

The original version is for viola solo. This performance is by Gerda Fritsche.

Yet I wanted to play it myself, to feel the music’s core. My friend and fellow musician Tristan Capacchione invited me to do a recording session at the Banff Centre in Alberta. There, I arranged Serge’s Song for piano and performed it in a beautiful studio, using a lyrical, late romantic style suitable to the stark beauty of the mountain environment surrounding me. I was ecstatic to record it in Banff, surrounded by the mountains of my homeland. (Audio production/recording: Tristan Capacchione.) Have a listen.

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