TeamMixtape | Scary Bear Soundtrack

I am honoured to collaborate for a second year on The Searchlight Mixtape. Last year, I was invited to be a part of a 16-artist/act collective releasing a tape of our respective CBC Searchlight tracks. The tape was downloaded over 1000 times, and we got press around the world, as well as plays on SoundCloud and the CBC Music page. This year, 14 of us from the original group have a new tape. I’d like to present each of my mixtape collaborators and tell you a little bit about their music and message.

Scary Bear Soundtrack

Making sweet synthpop melodies drifting down all the way from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Scary Bear Soundtrack is a dynamic duo. Gloria Guns also works in human rights, and Christine Aye in restorative justice. Their latest song, Fault Lines, is an anthem for working to end violence against women. You can check out their fantastic Fault Lines Project, which they are doing together with Dream Love Grow.!/artists/Scary-Bear-Soundtrack

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