TeamMixtape | Stanton Paradis

I am honoured to collaborate for a second year on The Searchlight Mixtape. Last year, I was invited to be a part of a 16-artist/act collective releasing a tape of our respective CBC Searchlight tracks. The tape was downloaded over 1000 times, and we got press around the world, as well as plays on SoundCloud and the CBC Music page. This year, 14 of us from the original group have a new tape. I’d like to present each of my mixtape collaborators and tell you a little bit about their music and message.

Stanton Paradis

Joe Stanton: “Play wherever they’ll listen.
Simon Paradis: “Play loud; play hard; play fair.”
This unique duo Stanton Paradis put their hearts into genuine and beautiful folk/roots Canadiana. Together they’ve written, toured, and overcome the challenges of Simon sustaining a spinal cord injury. Today they are louder and fiercer than ever. Their duo Fallen helps people get back up, as they themselves did. (Fallen is now also a book by Kara Stanley.) Not only do they play music, they also give workshops that help make the healing power of music accessible to everyone. The duo’s Searchlight entry Pain in the Night is not currently on their SoundCloud, so I’ve included their beautiful Searchlight entry from last year, Isn’t it a drag the Stones are growing old. You can hear Pain in the Night by clicking on their CBC link below.!/artists/Stanton-Paradis

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