Romantic Composers and their Houses

Ludwig van Beethoven – Gryffindor. He’s up all night composing, shaking the walls with his piano playing. The ghosts shiver. He rescues people randomly and then gets right back to composing. Doesn’t think too much about Consequences. Gets into arguments. Plays piano badly at own concert just to make a point.

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel  – Hufflepuff. Many compositions about swans and flowers. All the feels. A Lady(tm) but also ready to save her brother from his dastardly composition deadlines behind the scenes.

Felix Mendelssohn – Hufflepuff.Beautiful music, beautiful feels. All of the time. Sometimes reliant on his fellow-Hufflepuff sister when the situation gets a bit scary.

Robert Schumann – Confused Slytherin.Devious concoctions of musical systems. Lots of emotions – Slytherins have those! But they have a magical side. Sometimes shimmering, sometimes dark and glittery. All affect the listeners. Sometimes derailed by his own plans.

Clara Schumann – Ravenclaw. Smart. Supports the family as her Slytherin husband Robert is inventing weird mechanisms to help him practice and then having some  unfortunate hard times with mental health. Does the work, calculates out what they need.

Johannes Brahms – Gryffindor. Swoops in to save Clara emotionally; little regard for the social consequences. Brave ™ music. ALL HEART and ALL EMOTIONS in the music. Yes, this is how it must be.

Richard Wagner – Bad Slytherin. Devious and clever. Can design opera houses, operas, and tubas. Refuses to put fire exit in his opera house until forced. Mad about it. Has relations with the wife of his patron; escapes debts in the night numerous times. Writes very bad manifestos. Socially unacceptable but knows he will be famous anyway. Capitalizes on Big Bad Slytherin Energy.

Stanisław Moniuszko – Good Slytherin. Knows the dark forces of magic; turns them into the opera HALKA and gives Poland its first national operatic symbol. Knows the good forces of magic; turns them into a cute opera callled The Haunted Manor. Is generally smart. Has female leads that aren’t weak-willed maidens. Doesn’t design an opera house with no fire exits. Gets a lot less fame than his Bad Slytherin counterpart but isn’t too damn bothered about it.

Please note that this post is intended as silly fun only as an anti-pandemic morale booster and is fan art, made with all love.

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